Gladiator (Monthly Subscription)

$ 42.00

Good choice, meat lover. Did we just make it weird? 

This is the box that started it all — in the small and entitled world of beef jerky subscription boxes, you might call it the OG (Original Gladiator) ... or just Godfather will do.  

With the Gladiator subscription, you're getting the full Stick in a Box experience until death does us part. Or, until you've decided you've had enough of us, your call.

  • You pay nothing for shipping with this bad boy ... because we reward good decisions. (At least for those in the US ... sorry International friends. Blame Trump.)
  • You'll receive at least 4 delicious bags of jerky and 2 gourmet beef sticks per month — none of which contain Sasquatch meat. 
  • Denise from the USPS picks up your box on the 15th of each month and we spiff her with jerky to move you to the front of the truck. True story.