Lite Knight (Partial Box)

$ 18.00

Maybe you're questioning how strong your love for meat really is, or maybe you're just trying to ween off of your vegetarian ways ... either way, we're glad to have ya — even as a light weight.  

The Lite Knight is an entry point. A rite of passage. A way for us to get to know each other before we get to second base.   

  • This ships in a bag, not a box. Because boxes are for those that pay more. Just sayin'. 
  • You'll receive two delicious bags of jerky and a gourmet beef stick per month — not named Jack Stink's ... I mean Link's. 
  • This ships on the 15th of each month.   
  • My Mother's maiden name is the same as her married name. Weird. 
  • No discounts apply. Wipe the tear, penny pincher.  
  • Warning: You'll want more.