Death by Jerky (Carolina Reaper Jerky)

$ 12.00

Prerequisite: Dragon Slayer (Ok, not really required, but it might help prepare your soul for what's to come). 

When it comes to dying with dignity, we really don't have a strong opinion on the subject. However, if that's your decision, this is one way to go out. 

But look, if this 12-year old and this chick in a bikini can handle it, you should be just fine - maybe.  

Like the Dragon Slayer, this is not a subscription, just a rad challenge. Do you think you have what it takes, big boy? If not, there's nothin' to be ashamed of. 

  • This ships in a bag, not a box.
  • You'll receive one package of the hottest jerky known to man - Carolina Reaper Jerky.
  • This ships as soon as you order.
  • Jerky is made by these God's of Meat.  
  • Here's what you're up against.  
  • Film yourself eating it and send us the link, we'll put you in on our Wall of Flame. 
  • Maybe wear gloves, just a suggestion.