Daddy Day

$ 60.00

Daddy Day is a simple way to give the gift of jerky to your meat-loving Father, Brother, Father formerly known as Bruce ... whatever, without having to shell out the big bucks. Cause, let's be honest, no Dad is that special.  

Pops is going to receive, not one, but two months of our full box subscription. They'll be reminded once again in July who their favorite child is. 

Here are a few deets you should know:

    • The first box ships on June 14th. Arriving just after Father's Day (don't worry, we have a fancy meat certificate you can give them). Their second box ships on July 15th. Boom. 
    • Ships to US households only. French dads are more into Wine (we don't get it either).  
    • You, gift giver, will NOT be automatically renewed after the two months.
    • We don't wrap the boxes. We suck at folding the ends.
    • This 2-month offer will end on June 10th, 2019. 
    • No coupons can be applied to order. This is for you, not us. Imagine what your Dad would think if they knew you tried to save money at their expense. 

You'll be loved for a long time following this gift. Meat be with you.