Beef Jerky Subscription as a Gift — A Carnivore Chrismahanakwanza

Carnivores Rejoice is a simple way to give the gift of jerky to your meat-loving special someone without having to shell out $180. Because ... let's be honest, nobody is that special.  

Your meat lover is going to receive, not one, but two months of deliciousness. Consider it the gift that keeps giving until peak jerky drunkenness. 

Here are a few deets you should know:

    • The first box ships on December 15th. Arrives 3 to 4 days after. Their second box ships on January 15th.
    • Ships to US households only. Santa doesn't like to go through customs with jerky. 
    • You, gift giver, will NOT be automatically renewed after the two months.
    • We don't wrap the boxes. Folding the ends is too hard. 
    • This 2-month offer will end on December 10th, 2018. 
    • No coupons can be applied to order. This is for you, not us. Imagine what your meat lover would think if they knew you tried to save a penny at their expense. 

You'll be loved for a long time following this gift. Meat be with you.