A Message to Vegan's

Look, we get it … being a vegan isn’t easy. The veggie burgers, the little breaded spongy faux chicken nugget things, the tofu … DEAR GOD, the tofu. Honestly, kudos to you, we don’t know how you’ve made it this far.

And to make matters worse, your obligation as a vegan to have to constantly prove yourself over and over again on Instagram and Facebook with photos of each and every meal. You must be exhausted, child? 

I mean, where does it end?

You just need a little release ... NO — you deserve a little release.

We’re here for you.

With Stick in a Box you can be as discreet as you’d like. We won’t ask you to connect to Facebook and we won’t mention your name in a tweet. We can even ship your box of jerky to your private PO Box. Your secret is safe with us.

We know that the Lentils and Eggplant have probably done a number on your digestive system (and likely your human spirit), so we’ve created a Lite option to help you ease into things. Once you’re ready, the King’s Ransom will be waiting for you.

Please know that you’re not alone. In fact, here are few others that have been successful in their transition:

Jill from the East Coast

Steve from the Midwest

Claudia from
the South

Susan and her band of vegans were constantly sharing videos on Facebook of puppy mills and chicken factories. They even called turkeys their friends. I got confused. It got so bad that I even returned a fur coat I got for my anniversary without a receipt.

Thank you Stick in a Box for guiding me back home.

I used to eat Ribeye's as a snack, but that all changed when my wife went vegan. She even stopped buying cheese for f*ck’s sake. She browbeat me for years until I finally gave in and said no to meat. Once I found Stick in a Box secretly ships to a PO box, my entire life changed.

My dignity has been restored.

I used to club nutria rats over the head as a kid in the Bayou. We would eat for weeks on grits and rat meat. All was good until my cheap ass Dad sold our boat for a case of beer and a ticket to a Ted Nugent concert. From that day forward, we only ate what the ground provided (aka what food eats). 

I'm wasn't a vegan per se, at least not willingly. 

CYA Mode

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