Stick in a Box May 2015 Box

Welcome to this super-secret page, only found by the card that led you here. That's all to say that you're really awesome, just like the jerky in your box this month. Here's a little info on the people that made it awesome. 


What started as a care package from home to his son in Iraq, became a military favorite. Started with 2lbs and ended up being over 100lbs. Now he sends it to us, like we're his own son. Ah. We're lovin' the JJJ. It carries a pretty distinct flavor and makes for an easy tear.

Beef sticks, steak in a bag, what could be wrong in world when life includes those two things? Answer: Absolutely nothing. This is a very rich flavored and moist jerky. Scrumptious and easy on the teeth. They serve up a total of 10 different flavors that you're going to want to check out.

"Beef, beef, beef. All you send us is beef." Not any more, so now you can shut your trap. We threw a little variety at you this month with a couple of snack size packages of both Chicken and Pork jerky from Fusion. These guys just came onto the jerky scene less than a year ago and are putting together some unique meats.

These boys of the beach brought you Gramps jerky back in January, today they bring you spice. Once again, I'd like to give good ole' gramps a kiss on the choppers. It's his recipe that has been carried down and it's amazing. In fact, I'll be so bold to say that LB Jerky is one of our top two all-time favorites.

This is Joe, not to be confused with Jim from above, makes some of the finest jerky we've ever had. It has a similar texture and bite to Gramps Jerky. Who knows, maybe Joe and gramps served together in Vietnam and this is their way of high-fiving each other from across the country. Good stuff.