Stick in a Box March 2015 Box

Welcome to this super-secret page, only found by the card that led you here. That's all to say that you're really awesome, just like the jerky in your box this month. Here's a little info on the people that made it awesome. 


Don't let the name deceive you, there is nothing old about this meat. It's fresh and amazing. Normally we like to stay away from sticks that include pork, but these are just too tasty to pass up. Great texture and firmness and from Minnesota for the win.

I've been trying since month one to get a package of this jerky in your hands. It's in high demand, but the stars finally aligned. It's the driest jerky of the bunch this month, but that's how they like it in the south, where this meat is made.

You may remember this scrumptious jerky from several months back. Once we had one flavor, we knew that we had to try another. This is one of the few makers that makes a brisket jerky and it's DE-LISH. Very moist and easy on the teeth.

Remember that kid Mikey, from the cereal commercials in the 80's, "Mikey likes it"? Well, this isn't that Mike, but the jerky that this Mike makes, "we like it". Garlic jerky. Yum. Spicy jerky. Yum again. It's moist with just the right amount of flavor and tear.