Stick in a Box January Box 2015

Welcome to this super-secret page, only found by the card that led you here. That's all to say that you're really awesome, just like the jerky in your box this month. Here's a little info on the people that made it awesome. 


As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another. In the case of Astig (remember last month I told you that meant badass), this turn meant Bacon jerky. Yes, please. Again, they do things different with their Filipino-inspired flavors, but let's be honest, it's bacon. Yet, somehow these magicians made bacon, better. Filip'n geniuses.

In case you haven't noticed, we have this whole, king thing, going on. You're the king, we're the servant. You get it. Anyway, how can we pass up a jerky company with the same philosophy? Answer: We can't. This is a flavorful, thick and tender beef stick made with Black Angus beef that had a 5-year old begging for another.

These folks have been making some of the best jerky, straight from their own livestock, since 1968. That's when two of the infamous brat pack were born. Think about that for a moment. They make preservative free, MSG-less, no nitrate meat for your enjoyment. Easy to eat and healthy to boot. Get it? Cowboys. Boots. Ha.

These boys of the beach brought you Gramps jerky. I'll tell you what, I'd like to give good ole' gramps a kiss on the choppers. It's his recipe that has been carried down and it's frickin' great. That's why you got two different flavors, we just couldn't decide on one. When you're done chowin' this down, pour a little soy sauce on the ground in gramps honor.

Dusty's is an all-American company straight out of the heartland. Or, Oklahoma, but heartland sounds better. These guys know how to make a beef stick. They're tender and full of rich flavor. If you haven't ate the bacon stick yet, stop what you're doing and eat it now. That's an order.