We're giving you beef jerky in a box, any more questions?

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
If you have other questions, please just send it to support@stickinabox.com.

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Pre Sale Questions

Whenever you command my lord. Actually, no. It's sent on the 15th of every month — we're serving a lot of lords.

We don't want you gnawing on twigs, so we're going to Brazilian buffet your ass. There are at least three bags in every box. Plus as many sticks and slabs as we can cram in there. If you need to see it for yourself, here's what is in a box.

Not yet jerky friend (ami, 友人, amigo, vän, etc.), but really soon. Sign up for an account and we'll let you know when it's time.

It's eff'n meat in a box, just eat it and be happy ... only kidding my lord. We're giving you all kinds of greatness and variety each month. Teriyaki, Chipotle, BBQ, Bacon, Smokey, Original. You get the picture.

Nope. JT and Mr. Samberg inspired the original founder. "When you're done with your meat, do with the box what you must." - Dana. Being a 12 year old kid now in charge of the company I had to ask my Dad about it...and watched the video. He did not have to explain much more but did say that we are going to have to change the social media names :)

A New King has been crowned https://stickinabox.com/pages/about-us The previous reign...One that was unfortunately named after a queen (Dana) and has forever been in search of mankingdom redemption. In other words, overcompensating with loving beef jerky.

Don't be turned away by all of this man and king talk, ladies. We're all bark and no bite. Truth be told, their is nothing that makes us happier than to give you our meat. (There we go again.)

What is an artisan? It kinda sounds like 'fart is sin' so I doubt it.

What do we look like, Tom Thumb? We're all about quality and quantity. We selflessly spent months trying all kinds of jerky — just for you. Your welcome by the way. Sure, some of the stuff you'll get each month is jerky you could get at the store ('cause it's frickin' good) and some you never know existed ... unless you knew Skeeter's uncle, Slim (which we do).

Assuming you're not trolling us, and this is a serious question, you can send an email to the big man. We're always looking for the next 'Skeeter's uncle, Slim'.

Alright, first-world-problem, here's what you do: on the page where you create your login, look for the link "Add Coupon" in the upper right-hand corner of the right image. Here's a screen shot to help.

Thank you? Honestly, some techie did one of them and we can't figure out how to turn it off. Deal with it — we are. *This one was from the original founder Dana :)