Stick in a Box December box 2014

Welcome to this super-secret page, only found by the card that led you here. That's all to say that you're really awesome, just like the jerky in your box this month. Here's a little info on the people that made it awesome. 


According to legend (or rather, their website), Astig is a slang term meaning cool, badass or kickass. The flavor is Filipino-inspired and the texture is out of this world (read: badass). This may be the 1% Filipino in me talking, but I'm hooked.

Remember the the band, Damn Yankees? These aren't the same people. Just a total coinkydink on the word, damn. What is similar though is that they're both tender and sweet. I mean, remember High Enough?  Made with top round beef, this meat is easy on the teeth and tasty on the tongue.

50 years and three generations later, Tillamook is still smokin' jerky. Most likely with lumbersexual men — with guns. At least that's the story we're going with. It's tender, flavorful and free of preservatives. This jerky (and Big Daddy stick) are made with a secret recipe passed down from generations, most likely kept in the Coca Cola vault.

If you thought that three generations was impressive, try four. That's 1929 if you don't want to do the math. The extra-long beef stick you're eating wasn't made then, just the tradition. If you've been a subscriber for awhile, you may recall their Carne Seca and Sriracha jerky in previous months. They keep turning out the hits.

We stand behind the assumption that if it tastes good, it has to be good for you. Flax-seed beef. We don't know why that's important, but we'll take it. It's 90% lean beef and tasty as hell. Healthy isn't numero uno on the "make the box" list, we're more of a flavor, texture and quality. They make the cut on all three, but if they want to throw in healthy — why not.