Stick in a Box April 2015 Box

Welcome to this super-secret page, only found by the card that led you here. That's all to say that you're really awesome, just like the jerky in your box this month. Here's a little info on the people that made it awesome. 


There is nothing like a true gentlemen. Nothing. Turns out that they not only know how to show you respect, they also know how to make a mean jerky. Get it? Mean/Gentlemen. Ha. Anywho, these flavorful nuggets of beef are rich with tradition and best paired with a fine craft beer.

This is how a beef stick should be made. All-American, thick, grass-fed beef with the perfect ingredients and flavor. Blaise and his Blaistix are our weakness. There are absolutely no nitrites, MSG and any of that other crap that take your soul away when eating. Enjoy

Made in the US of A. Better yet, made in Minnesota — that's Stick in a Box HQ land right there. This is a slow cooked, handmade and delicious jerky made from 100% lean beef. Is there any other kind? They've got a Dill Pickle and Bacon Candy that you may be seeing next. Just sayin'

If you thought that three generations was impressive, try four. That's 1929 if you don't want to do the math. Those geniuses over at People's Choice keep turning out hits and we keep biting. If you've been a subscriber for awhile, you may recall their Carne Seca and Sriracha jerky in previous months.